8 Foods You Ought to Not Put within the Fridge


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Refrigeration slows the expansion of micro organism that may make us sick or shorten the shelf lifetime of meals. So, in concept, shouldn’t all meals be saved within the fridge?


Although the U.S. Department of Agriculture says the fridge is “one of the vital vital items of apparatus within the kitchen for protecting meals protected,” some meals simply don’t get together with colder temperatures.

Refrigerate the next gadgets, and also you’re more likely to discover an enormous distinction in style and texture. And given how a lot we’re paying for meals nowadays, why would you wish to mess it up?

1. Potatoes

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Spuds prefer it cool, however not chilly. The Idaho Potato Commission says a temperature of 45 to 50 levels is right. But the temperature in your fridge is (or ought to be) decrease than that.

When potatoes get too chilly, their starch converts to sugar. You’ll discover a change in style — and no one likes a “candy” potato. Keep them in a darkish, cool place however don’t hold them on ice.

2. Bread

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Keeping your bread on the counter for too lengthy might end in moldy slices. But placing it within the fridge causes the bread to turn into dry and style stale, in accordance with Martha Stewart’s web site.

If you’re going to eat the bread quickly, you may depart it out. But in case your family can’t end off a loaf rapidly, contemplate freezing it and taking out just a few slices at a time.

However, thawed bread will get stale much more rapidly than it could if it have been refrigerated. Sometimes you simply can’t win.

3. Coffee

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Do you refrigerate (or freeze) espresso beans to maintain them recent? Starbucks – an organization that is aware of a factor or two about java – says it’s best to cease doing that.

Chilling or freezing causes condensation in your espresso, which impacts the flavour. Instead, the corporate suggests storing espresso at room temperature in an opaque, hermetic container. Keep it away from daylight and likewise any kitchen equipment that produces warmth.

4. Onions

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Keep onions out of the fridge! They will take in moisture there and are apt to turn into mushy.

According to the nonprofit Produce for Better Health Foundation, onions ought to be cool, not chilly. They also needs to be darkish: Keep them out of the sunshine in a well-ventilated space.

5. Garlic

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Onion’s equally aromatic cousin, garlic, additionally must be saved in a cool, darkish and well-ventilated place. However, the coolness of the fridge can stimulate sprouting in garlic heads, in accordance with Good Housekeeping.

But for those who’re speaking about storing peeled garlic cloves or minced garlic, then the fridge is the proper place to be. Just hold them in an hermetic container; in any other case, all the pieces goes to tackle an air of allium.

6. Tomatoes

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A ripe, juicy tomato is trigger for celebration in sandwiches, salads or consumed recent on the peak of the season. Resist the impulse to pop them within the fridge to maintain them recent longer, although. When chilled, a tomato enzyme causes the fruit’s cell membranes to interrupt down.

It’s galling to pay upwards of $10 a pound for heirloom tomatoes which have the mouthfeel of chilly oatmeal. So purchase solely as many as you need to use up rapidly and retailer them on the counter.

7. Baked items

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Don’t put cookies, doughnuts, pastries, pies or muffins within the fridge. The Food Network warns that chilly temperatures make the fat within the meals harden, which impacts each taste and texture.

However, there are exceptions to this rule. Martha Stewart says the fridge is the proper place for sweets made with uncooked dairy and/or eggs, akin to sure pies (pumpkin, cream, custard), or muffins and cupcakes iced with buttercream frosting.

8. Chocolate hazelnut unfold

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This unfold, beloved in Europe, has turn into a fixture on American tables as properly. Ferrero Foodservice, producer of the best-known model, Nutella, urges shoppers to not refrigerate the stuff.

“Store at room temperature in a cool, dry place away from daylight and different warmth sources,” the web site advises. Who are we to argue with the individuals who introduced Nutella crepes to those shores?


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