9 Ways to Double Your Money in 24 Hours (Ranked by Danger)


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In the previous few weeks I’ve seen a ton of “How to Double Your Money Overnight” sort posts that listing issues like “margin commerce” and “put money into actual property.”

Aside from the challenges you’ll face flipping a home inside 24 hours, my greater concern is how few of those posts handle the dangers concerned.

I imply, positive — margin buying and selling would possibly double your cash in 24 hours — however it may possibly additionally finish in your dealer in your electronic mail inbox together with his child gloves off.

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So let’s talk about quite a lot of methods to double your cash in 24 hours, ranked by their corresponding dangers must you select to pursue them.

The Short Version:

  • There are undoubtedly ways in which traders can double their cash in a single day, however apart from a choose few, all contain important effort and danger.
  • Some of the extra standard choices for speedy wealth-building – like margin buying and selling and preliminary coin choices – additionally current essentially the most danger, and you’ll lose much more than you invested.
  • In the tip, investing is like cooking; you’ll want time, endurance, and the proper substances — but it surely’s actually not that arduous and also you’ll be glad you didn’t skip a step.

3 Safest Ways To Double Your Money in 24 Hours

The following three strategies are low-risk and time-tested methods to multiply your financial savings. And whereas they could not make you wealthy in a single day, they will enhance your earnings with little danger of seeing purple.

💡Max Out Your 401(okay) Match

Maxing out your 401(okay) match is the best technique to double your cash in 24 hours.

So possibly you don’t get to spend that cash for some time with out incurring steep IRS penalties. Also, technically, it’s solely actually doubling your cash in case your employer presents a 1:1 match (some supply partial, like 50%).

But even nonetheless, maximizing your 401(okay) match is essentially the most clear-cut, foolproof, risk-free technique to multiply your cash.

Better but, the multiplying doesn’t finish after 24 hours; neither is it restricted to simply doubling your cash. Let’s say you earn $100,000 at age 35 and your employer presents a 1:1 match of as much as 3.5%. So by yr’s finish, you sock away $3,500 and your employer tosses in one other $3,500.

Let’s now assume an affordable charge of return of seven% APY for 30 years compounded quarterly. At that charge, your employer’s $3,500 contribution at age 35 will develop to $28,067.14 by age 65.

Ergo, it might be mathematically correct to say that maxing out your 401(okay) match doubles your cash right this moment and octuples it by retirement.

But what when you’re trying to double your cash in a single day — and have rapid entry to the funds with out IRS penalty?

💡Flip Some Valuables

One of the extra profitable — if erratic — methods to show a fast buck is to hunt out precious gadgets at Goodwill, storage gross sales, and so forth. and flip them on-line for revenue.

My buddy Sally, for instance, has an particularly eager eye for designer garments and equipment. Take her to any consignment retailer in a pleasant neighborhood, and like a fashion-seeking Terminator she will be able to rapidly scan the room for “targets” like Dolce & Gabbana and Prada. She buys them, renews them, and flips them on eBay for a median 450% ROI.

Flipping valuables can simply double (or triple) your cash in 24 hours and may even be fairly enjoyable. But earlier than diving in, there are a number of necessities and moral issues to mull over:

  • Time — You’ll have to spend time at Goodwill, storage gross sales, and auctions to treasure hunt and discover gadgets to flip. Storing, retouching, and relisting the merchandise on the market can take up time, as effectively.
  • Talent — Like Sally, you’ll have to know what you’re searching for. Whether it’s Rolexes, uncommon baseball playing cards, or my private favourite, mannequin automobiles, you’ll have to know which gadgets are undervalued, tips on how to spot a pretend, and in any other case perceive the market intimately.
  • An upfront funding — In the world of flipping, you might want to spend cash to generate profits — which additionally introduces a component of danger in case your gadgets don’t promote.
  • Ethical issues — Some say that buying items from consignment and Goodwill with the expressed intent to flip them is unethical. I disagree. Sally doesn’t simply refurbish the merchandise including worth and new life, she introduces it to a bigger market (storage sale > eBay), which is easy arbitrage. Scalping is elevating values by way of synthetic shortage, which isn’t what she’s doing.

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💡 Start a Side Hustle

Launching a worthwhile facet hustle is sort of by no means simple or turnkey. For many companies, you’ll wish to be clear in your targets/motives earlier than you begin and should wish to type an LLC or an S Corp.

That being stated, there are a handful of facet hustles which you could launch and make worthwhile inside 24 hours. From ridesharing to educating English as a second language (ESL) on-line, you can begin multiplying your cash fairly rapidly with the proper funding of effort and time.

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2 Riskier Ways To Double Your Money in 24 Hours

Does your private danger tolerance let you know which you could abdomen a bit of further spice? If so, these riskier strategies of doubling your cash in a single day is likely to be a match.

But similar to with cumin and chipotle, we advocate you sprinkle in simply the tiniest bit to begin, lest you break the entire meal. And do not say we did not warn you when you get burned as a consequence of an absence of moderation.

🛑Day Trading

Ah, day buying and selling.

It’s such a easy idea: shopping for and promoting inside 24 hours.

And but, over time this “easy” investing technique has given us The Wolf of Wall Street and limitless memes on r/wallstreetbets:

Most of the top-rated memes on r/wallstreetbets are self-deprecating for a motive: Day buying and selling can (and sometimes does) result in devastating losses. So whilst you can technically double your cash in 24 hours, you’re extra more likely to halve it first.

At Investor Junkie, we’ll by no means advocate day buying and selling. Even although day buying and selling is by most accounts much less dangerous than margin buying and selling or brief promoting, it’s nonetheless enormously dangerous to attempt to time the markets.

Here’s why:

  • It’s an enormous time dedication — Effectively timing the markets isn’t a part-time job, and even full-timers with a long time of expertise get it fallacious. Individual belongings are simply so unpredictable that even essentially the most subtle quant funds wrestle to get it proper.
  • There are higher capital necessities concerned — Day buying and selling is so dangerous that “sample day merchants” who execute 4 or extra day trades inside 5 days will need to have $25,000 in reserve capital to adjust to SEC laws. In different phrases, the SEC received’t even allow you to day commerce until you’ve got used Toyota Camry cash to lose.
  • You’ll be taxed increased — Day trades aren’t simply troublesome to trace and report back to the IRS, they’re additionally considerably dearer. Long time period positive aspects from belongings held greater than a yr are taxed at 15%, whereas brief time period positive aspects are taxed at 28%.
  • Between 70% and 95% of day merchants lose cash — Studies and estimates differ, however consultants agree that the numerous majority of day merchants find yourself dropping cash in the long term. You would possibly see customers boast of huge brief time period positive aspects on r/wallstreetbets, however these are akin to profitable the jackpot in Vegas: exceedingly uncommon and definitely not everybody’s expertise.

For a risk-adjusted means of profitable the inventory market, try our Buying and Selling Stocks — 2022 Guide.

🛑Options Trading

An choice is a contract that permits you to purchase or promote 100 shares of an asset at a selected date and worth sooner or later.

  • Call choices provide the proper to purchase 100 shares, whereas
  • Put choices provide the proper to promote 100 shares

The future buy or sale worth that you simply lock in is known as the strike worth.

As a fast instance, let’s say shares of Tesla are buying and selling at $800 and also you assume they’ll fall to $600. You buy name choices with a strike worth of $800, that means you’re locking in the proper to promote 100 shares of TSLA at $800 in a month.

Shares fall to $600 as predicted, so you purchase 100 shares at $600, train your choices contract, and promote them on the strike worth of $800. Your choice value $50, so that you netted $80,000 – $60,000 – $50 = $19,950.

Options are much less dangerous than futures as a result of futures require you to purchase or promote, whereas choices merely provide the, effectively, choice. Plus, choices by no means require you to personal the underlying asset. You can commerce choices all day with out really shopping for a single share of TSLA.

That being stated, choices are nonetheless advanced and dangerous investments as a result of not like shares, choice values can — and can — lose 100% of their worth when the contracts expire. And even when you select choices as your technique of doubling your cash in a single day, your brokerage could not even allow you to commerce them.

That’s proper: Options are so dangerous that many on-line brokerages require a proper utility course of to commerce them.

To study extra in regards to the dangers and advantages of choices buying and selling, try our full function on What Is Options Trading?

4 Riskiest Ways To Double Your Money in 24 Hours

Even although choices can (and can) lose 100% of their worth in a single day, they’re nonetheless not as dangerous because the belongings in our ultimate class.

So let’s dive into the 4 riskiest methods to double your cash in 24 hours!

Sketchy Schitt's Creek

☢️Margin Trading

Margin buying and selling is investing with cash you borrowed out of your dealer. Needless to say, it’s a few 11/10 on the chance scale because you danger dropping your cash and your dealer’s cash.

But earlier than I rip into margin buying and selling from a danger perspective, right here’s the way it works, why merchants do it, and the way it may double your cash in 24 hours.

  1. You see an incredible short-term investing alternative that you just can’t go up — however you don’t have the money on-hand to take benefit.
  2. You examine margin charges, file some paperwork together with your chosen dealer, and open a margin account with a $25,000 steadiness at 10% APY.
  3. Since FINRA requires you to make use of at the least 50% of your individual money to buy on margin, you make investments $50,000 within the alternative utilizing half your cash, half your dealer’s cash.
  4. Your funding doubles to $100k, so that you pay again your dealer $25k plus curiosity. That leaves you with almost $50k revenue, or double what you’d’ve made investing simply $25k of your individual cash.

Sounds good, would not it?

But whereas margin buying and selling can double your potential positive aspects, it may possibly greater than double your potential losses.

Say you invested the $50k and it drops to $30k. You nonetheless owe your dealer $25k plus curiosity, that means your private funding of $25k is basically worn out.

So regardless that the funding solely fell by 40%, you misplaced 100% of your funding.

With margin buying and selling, you may simply lose much more than you began with, and people losses accrue curiosity.

☢️Forex Trading

In its easiest type, Forex or FX buying and selling includes changing your USD right into a overseas foreign money just like the euro or the yuan after which swapping it again when the change charge rises, netting a revenue. Sounds easy sufficient, and FX buying and selling can undoubtedly double your cash in a single day. The problem, nonetheless, is timing the market.

For starters, forexes are even much less predictable than shares. At least shares give traders loads of knowledge to plug into their predictive analyses: issues like monetary studies, earnings calls, patent filings, and extra.

But change charges are topic to numerous unseen forces, from backroom politics to inclement climate. As tough as day buying and selling is, it may be nearly inconceivable to foretell the foreign exchange market.

Those unseen forces are additionally why the foreign exchange market is so risky, making potential losses each sudden and steep. So whereas swapping your USD into Ghanaian cedi may theoretically double your cash in a single day, there’s simply no means of understanding that with any diploma of confidence.

☢️Short Selling

Short promoting is while you borrow shares of a inventory, instantly promote them excessive, after which purchase them again decrease when the lender comes calling.

Let’s say you assume Alphabet Inc Class A (GOOGL) is overvalued at $100. So you borrow 100 shares out of your dealer and instantly promote them at $100, incomes $10,000. You’re now “brief” 100 shares.

A month later, the share worth has dropped to $80. Your dealer desires their shares again, so you purchase 100 shares at $80 and hand them over. By “shorting” GOOGL you’ve earned $2,000, minus taxes plus commissions and curiosity owed to your dealer for borrowing the shares.

Shorting is a high-risk investing technique as a result of the upside is considerably smaller than the draw back. Even when you’re proper and the inventory goes down, you continue to must pay charges, taxes, and commissions to shut your brief place. If you’re fallacious and the inventory goes up, you don’t have any selection however to purchase at no matter worth it reached to switch your borrowed shares.

That’s why put choices are extensively thought of the “protected” type of shorting. Both can double your cash in a single day, however at the least with put choices, your most loss is restricted to the price of the contract.

☢️Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs)

Last however not least, maybe essentially the most attention-grabbing technique to attempt to double your cash in a single day is to put money into the proper preliminary coin providing, or ICO.

ICOs are the IPOs of the crypto world. They’re hype-driven occasions the place the management crew of a brand new cryptocurrency lastly releases their crypto into the open marketplace for shopping for, promoting, and buying and selling. And similar to with IPOs, crypto startups launch ICOs to boost cash and drum up consideration.

But what makes ICOs uniquely engaging to speculative traders is that they’re not priced like IPO shares. To increase float and circulation, ICO tokens are sometimes priced at fractions of a penny, that means even essentially the most illiquid investor can scoop up a ton.

Then, when the hype drives the worth of every token from $0.0000168 to $2.15 prefer it did with NXT, early adopters can money out for staggering positive aspects.

The trick is — you guessed it — betting on the proper horse. A 2018 Bloomberg research discovered that 80% of all ICOs launched in 2017 had been scams costing traders $1.34 billion. Out of the remaining, 86% are price lower than once they began.

Those aren’t nice odds for doubling your cash. And when you think about that the chances of profitable in a on line casino are nearer to 30%, your cash is healthier off on the tables of Vegas than pooled into an ICO.

The Takeaway: Slow And Steady Wins the Race

With the exception of 401(okay) matching, each technique of doubling your cash in a single day includes important effort and/or unacceptable danger.

That’s why the key ingredient to a wholesome portfolio is time and endurance. Forget brief promoting and sketchy ICOs; compound curiosity and dollar-cost averaging are your pals.

In the tip, profitable investing is like cooking. Sure, you may prepare dinner a rooster rapidly with a blowtorch. But when you simply depart it within the oven for 60 minutes and sometimes verify on it, you’re more likely to finish up with a satisfying meal — with out burning your home down within the course of.

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