8 Meals I By no means Purchase at Costco and Perhaps You Shouldn’t Both


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No query, I’m a Costco fan. I’ve written concerning the issues I at all times purchase on the large warehouse retailer, and I really like the meals court docket’s $1.50 scorching canine and drink combo too. But simply as with my beloved Target, I admit that not each retailer ought to promote all the pieces.

I’ve been a Costco shopper for many years now, and I’ve realized by means of my errors that some gadgets are higher purchased elsewhere. It could be exhausting to take a look at these low-cost Costco costs and big sizes and stroll on by, however a deal’s not a deal if it’s a large daycare-size jar of jelly and you’ve got a household of three.

Here’s a take a look at some meals I by no means purchase at Costco.

1. Milk

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Our household is slowly shifting to dairy alternate options, like oat milk. But even earlier than that, I used to be no fan of shopping for common milk at Costco. The worth is suitable — my retailer sells two gallons for lower than $5. But the 2 gallons are yoked collectively, making it a lumpy, uncomfortable merchandise to heave into my cart and trunk.

And have you ever ever tried to pour milk out of a Costco gallon? The plastic container is formed oddly — in all probability for higher stacking within the retailer — and I spill it each time I pour. Not to cry over spilled milk, however the awkward container makes any financial savings not value it.

2. Extra virgin olive oil

Extra virgin olive oil at CostcoTonelsonProductions / Shutterstock.com

To make sure you devour this wholesome fats at its freshest, the Olive Center on the University of California, Davis advises shoppers to not purchase a container of olive oil they’ll’t expend in about six weeks. But except you’re feeding a giant household and utilizing olive oil at each single meal, you’re unlikely to undergo a Costco-size bottle that rapidly.

3. Croissants

Croissants at CostcoTonelsonProductions / Shutterstock.com

I’m a fan of Costco birthday muffins, and there’s normally some container of different baked sweets on the warehouse membership that I can purchase for my guide membership. But I’ll at all times cross on the shop’s croissants.

The worth is true: My native retailer sells a dozen for lower than $5. But the croissants are enormous — like New York-style pizza-slice enormous — so I discover about half of every croissant finally ends up uneaten. And whereas they’re acceptable for a mass-produced baked good, I’ve been spoiled by my native French bakeries, which end up flaky, recent croissants that remind me of Paris. Costco’s croissants simply aren’t for me.

4. Salsa

Salsa and tortilla chipslosinstantes / Shutterstock.com

Costco sells whopping jugs of salsa in many types, and who doesn’t love the accent that salsa provides to a great Mexican meal? But I’ve tried a number of flavors there and miss the freshness of salsas from delis or specialty manufacturers.

One of our native grocery shops churns out its personal small-batch salsa and its personal tortillas, and I simply can’t return to the ho-hum salsa Costco sells. Plus, I’ll by no means get by means of a large jar earlier than it begins to develop mould.

5. Coffee

Starbucks coffee at CostcoPictures_n_Photos / Shutterstock.com

Even although I stay in coffee-centric Seattle, I’m not a java snob — I can drink nearly something. But I don’t even decelerate within the Costco espresso aisle.

Those 3-pound cans and baggage of complete beans or floor espresso are in all probability excellent for when Pam on “The Office” has to inventory the Dunder Mifflin break room, however for our small household, they’re an excessive amount of and never definitely worth the cupboard space.

6. Avocados

Avocados at CostcoTonelsonProductions / Shutterstock.com

I like avocados — whether or not sliced on a sandwich or smashed into guacamole. But Costco sells them by the bagful, they usually’re all normally exhausting as rocks when offered.

That is sensible — buyers don’t must eat them up the very subsequent day. But avocados have such a short window of excellent softness, going from boulder-hard to brown and squishy in a blink, that I waste greater than I exploit.

It’s a ache to face at my native grocery retailer and hand-select a person avocado or two primarily based on softness, however it saves on meals waste.

7. Applesauce

PHILIPIMAGE / Shutterstock.com

Applesauce from Costco looks like a superb buy for daycare facilities. But 4 big jars shrink-wrapped collectively, as is offered at my retailer, could be a lifetime provide for my household’s house.

I used to be really blissful to find that common grocery shops now promote four-packs of particular person cups of applesauce, since one small cup makes a great lunchbox addition or a good serving to accompany pork chops. (My Costco sells the person cups too, however the smallest container I noticed has 36 cups.)

8. Spices

Spices at CostcoCassiohabib / Shutterstock.com

Costco’s spice part is a restaurant proprietor’s dream. Turmeric, chopped dried onion, crushed purple pepper, chili powder, cumin, taco seasoning — the stable staples of a spice rack are all there.

But spices lose their efficiency should you preserve them for a very long time, and it will take me years to make use of up 12 ounces of floor turmeric. Plus, my kitchen has a nifty pull-out spice rack that’s made for particular person 2-ounce jars, and I don’t want six occasions as a lot.

9. Giant jars of unwrapped sweet

Costco candyThe Image Party / Shutterstock.com

One yr, a sibling gave my dad a Costco jar of chocolate raisins, his favourite snack. But this isn’t a movie-theater-size field of sweet — there was greater than 3 kilos of snackage in that big jar. The jar sat there for years turning into chocolate rocks, with solely a bit little bit of the sweet eaten, till we lastly composted the contents.

I’m not even certain if a Costco sweet jar is suitable for workplace sharing because the candies aren’t wrapped, and because the pandemic, most individuals are twitchy about reaching right into a communal sweet jar with naked fingers.

10. Cereal

Costco cerealcalimedia / Shutterstock.com

I’m a fan of breakfast cereal, however except you’re devoted to 1 particular selection and eat it every single day, Costco’s in all probability not the place to purchase it. Costco cereals are normally two bins wrapped collectively, which is nice for a daycare middle however much less so in your common eater.

Once we open a field of cereal, it goes stale quicker than we like. One exception: I like Costco’s selection pack of mini bins in numerous flavors for when my daughter has associates sleep over. But even so, 30 bins is larger than any slumber celebration she’s ever had.

11. Eggs

Costco's Kirkland Signature eggsBadon Hill Studio / Shutterstock.com

When I’m having a giant Easter celebration, then I do purchase eggs at Costco the place they’re wrapped collectively in multi-dozen packs. But ordinarily, I skip them for that very purpose.

Even if our household is on an egg kick and I do know we’ll use a number of dozen eggs in a brief period of time, I don’t just like the packaging. My Costco sells two dozen eggs in clear plastic packaging which doesn’t appear as safe as an everyday cardboard carton – plus, I don’t have room in my fridge. Fragile eggs, in any case, can’t actually be shoved round and stacked precariously like extra forgiving meals.

12. Brussels sprouts

Brussels Sproutsoksana2010 / Shutterstock.com

I don’t suggest shopping for Brussels sprouts at Costco, however it’s not that my household doesn’t benefit from the veggie. We’re really massive followers. But after years of cooking them, I’ve realized from expertise that smaller Brussels sprouts are simpler to work with and are usually sweeter. At my grocery retailer, I select the smaller sprouts out of a bulk bin and depart the sunshine bulb-sized ones behind.

Costco’s Brussels sprouts are pre-bagged and from what I can see by means of the packaging, they’re monumental. They’re cheap, however I’ll carry on choosing my very own and sticking with the smaller selection.

13. Salad greens

Salad bagvincent noel / Shutterstock.com

We all know the significance of consuming salad. And possibly households the scale of the Waltons adore stocking up on salad greens at Costco. I simply can’t do it. There are solely three of us, we don’t eat salad with each meal, and I can’t appear to protect a multi-pound bag of recent greens with out it turning to an oozy mess in a hidden a part of my fridge.

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